When you think of the Florida Keys, think of  Fishing, Diving and . . . . .CHOCOLATES!  Yes, you heard that right.


Legendary Key Largo is the international home of Key Largo Chocolates along with our flamingo mascot Lucy, who has never met a truffle she didn’t like.  Particularly a truffle from Key Largo Chocolates.


The people of Key Largo warmly welcome those who come for the world-class fishing and the spectacular diving in the most beautiful clear waters in the U.S.


But a visit to the Keys is not complete without a stop at MM 100 ½ where you will find our amazing store and kitchen where master chocolatier, Kristie Thomas, makes some of the best chocolates in the world. You’ll find that she and her husband Bob will go to astonishing lengths to make sure that your visit is a true pleasure.  If you think that is an exaggeration, there is only one way to find out.


Come by. Stop by. Visit us and learn why chocolates from Key Largo are the ultimate attraction of the Florida Keys and one of the best reasons to visit.

The Story of a Chocolate Genius

On the edge of Everglades National Park enveloped by the National Marine Sanctuary is one of the most popular and dreamed about locations in the world, a movie legend sort of place where sun and adventure seeking visitors have been delighted to discover an unexpected and remarkable jewel - Key Largo Chocolates...Read More

Our Store and Kitchen

Based in the fabulous Florida Keys, Key Largo Chocolates is the only company in the Keys that manufactures, produces and sells the highest quality chocolates and key lime baked products delivered with the highest levels of service...
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